We are just hours away from UFC 214 and a fight that fans have been waiting over a year for is finally upon us, Donald Cerrone vs. Robbie Lawler.

The fight will take place second on the main pay-per-view card this evening and it’s expected to be an all out war. Such is the hype surrounding the bout, some may have thought that the two fighters would be feeling a little pressure ahead of the bout to perform, but speaking at the UFC 214 media day earlier this week, Cerrone denied anything of the sort.

“I’m not obligated to do anything,” Cerrone said. “This is a fight that’s going to happen and it’s going to be f*cking electric so there’s no added pressure. I’m just going to go out there and have fun. When I heard about it, I was like, ‘Robbie? F*ck yeah. Absolutely.'”

While both men have spoken of their desire to take the other out this evening, they’ve also shown nothing but respect for each other on both a professional and personal level.

“He’s just an old school legend man,” Cerrone said. “He’s just fights and he just tried to go out there and fights. He just doesn’t just try and secure wins.

“He goes out there and f*cking fights.”

“Robbie is one of the last dying fighters man. one of the true throw down fighters.”

Despite taking over a year off since his defeat to Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 in August 2016, Cerrone is still expecting the best Robbie Lawler to turn up this evening.

“No, he’s a vet,” Cerrone said, denying Lawler would feel the effects of his layoff. “If it were a new guy who hadn’t been in front of the lights and the cameras then maybe, but he’s been there he’s done that and he’s got that title. He’s fucking ready man. It’s same ol’Robbie man, that’s what he does.

“He turns up and he fights and so do I.”

Cerrone then rattled off a list of three fights he wants before his career is over. Lawler was one of the names, but the other two were also fights that would get any UFC fan excited.

“Robbie is one of then, GSP would be another one and maybe Anderson,” Cerrone said. “I always wanted to fight BJ Penn. Just the legends you know, the guys that want to go out there and fight.

“I’m so bad at like paying attention to the sport because they fight like everyone weekend now. I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuffs coming up, but I’m not sure I want to go in there and mix it with those studs you know, but yeah, you know man. The old school, the hall of famers.”

“I just love fighting.”