Dillon Danis is currently on the sidelines recovering from a hernia surgery, but is long awaited MMA debut looks like it’s just around the corner.

Speaking to Submission Radio last week, Danis spoke about his recovery from his recent surgery and his timeline for getting back in the gym.

“It ended up being appendicitis and I had a hernia too, so that’s why I can’t train for a while, because it could pop the hernia again,” Danis said.

“So I had both (surgeries done), I had to get surgery on both, and yeah, it just takes time, you know? I’m getting better day by day. The way I feel, like, I should be able to train soon.”

Danis signed for Bellator MMA back in March and the talk ever since has focused on when he will first step into the Bellator cage. Having gone through a packed summer of competing on the BJJ circuit, Danis now says he’s focused fully on getting ready for his MMA bow.

“100-percent, I’m ready to go now,” Danis said. “Like, I want to start training full-time in MMA, but like, after some of these (ADCC) matches were so close and I thought I won them all, I don’t want to go out like that in jiu-jitsu.

“But I think I’m gonna make my debut maybe January.”

“I was planning on December before this whole surgery thing happened, but I want to focus a lot more on my hands and stuff like that. But yeah, I think I’m going to go full in now to MMA and maybe still do some Jiu Jitsu matches or maybe focus a little bit more on Jiu Jitsu and then do both. I don’t know. I’m trying to figure everything out now honestly. It’s rough, you know?”

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