Nothing is yet set in stone, but it seems we are continuing to edge towards Conor McGregor’s next fight being confirmed.

Ever since Tony Ferguson won the interim UFC lightweight title at UFC 216, UFC President Dana White has stated that a McGregor vs Ferguson fight would be his preferred option over a McGregor vs Diaz trilogy match up.

Speaking on the  ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast today, White dismissed rumours that McGregor would face Diaz and he remained steadfast in his opinion that the Irishman would face Ferguson next.

“No that’s not true,” White said when it was put to him that McGregor would fight Diaz next.”

He later added:

“It has literally not even been talked about.”

The podcast host then doubled down, saying that he bet McGregor’s next fight would be with Diaz in Croke Park, but White batted away his suggestion again and corrected him saying it was likely going to be a unification bout next for the SBG man.

“That all sounds great, but it’s probably going to be Tony Ferguson in Las Vegas.”

However, Croke Parke still remains on the radar for the UFC according to White.

“We still want to do Croke Park, but the reason we haven’t done Croke Park with Conor is because we can’t get it done over there.

“They have a curfew on what time you got to be out of there and noise ordinances.”