Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Dana White goes and leaks footage of the Conor McGregor v Paulie Malinaggi sparring session.

The former boxing world champion sparred McGregor twice before leaving his camp under a cloud earlier this week following a disagreement between the two fighters. Malinaggi wasn’t happy with some photos that McGregor’s official photographer, Dave Fogarty, released and this triggered off an ugly spat played out in the media.

Malignaggi went on multiple media shows this past week and he didn’t hold back on the Irishman calling him everything under the sun including “a cheap scumbag.” This obviously didn’t sit well the McGregor and his associated because earlier this evening (early hours of Saturday morning UK time), Dana White leaked out footage of the two sparring.

Suffice to say, the footage shows McGregor landing some heavy shots on Malignaggi and it also shows the alleged knockdown.

You can watch both video released below. Credit Dana White’s Instagram account.