Tyron Woodley left the Honda Centre with his UFC welterweight title around his waist last evening, but his performance appears to have lost him a dream showdown with Georges St-Pierre.

The champion dominated at the entire fight from the beginning to end, but he rarely looked to press for a finish and he ended up coasting to a very clear unanimous decision victory.

The crowd voiced their distain at the fight that unfolded and they booed loudly as early as third round when things really began to settle into a lacklustre pattern that lacked urgency.

Woodley clearly won the fight, but fans, media and fellow fighters voiced their frustration with the lack of urgency that the champion displayed throughout the bout. Unfortunately for Woodley, one of the people who wasn’t enamoured with his performance was Dana White.

Speaking backstage after the bout, the UFC President announced that Woodley’s performance had made him reconsider who St-Pierre would face on his return and that the original plan for him to face Michael Bisping was now back on.

“I know Bisping will fight,” White said. “He will actually turn up and fight.

“I know he will fight so Bisping-GSP is on.”

White wasn’t done there though. Woodley didn’t escape his wrath and he roasted the UFC welterweight champion for his lack of ability to finish Maia.

“If you get booed out of the arena, that’s not good,” White added. “That’s not how you make money.

“If people don’t want to watch you, it’s a bad sign.”

Ariel Helwani later reported that multiple sources had confirmed to him that Bisping and St-Pierre will face at UFC 217 on November 4 in Madison Square Garden. It’s back to the drawing board for Woodley.