Cynthia Calvillo is arguably one of the UFC’s breakout stars of 2017 and at UFC 219 on Dec. 30, she gets the opportunity to take out a former UFC strawweight champion.

Just last week, Calvillo was announced as one of four UFC athletes fronting UFC’s new partnership with sports drink BodyArmor and she sat alongside fellow fighters Cody Garbrandt and Francis Ngannou at a special launch event in New York. Speaking to the Slip n’ Dip podcast this week, Calvillo talked about her whirlwind year.

“It’s crazy, I’m just trying to stay as grounded as a I possibly can and I’m enjoying and embracing all of these things,” Calvillo said. “It might just look like an overnight success, but everything before that, me becoming a professional, it was a long journey and it took a lot of tough battles and failures.

“My record is a perfect 6-0, but I had to fight for some s*** to get it.”

“It’s pretty cool. I’m just trying to embrace it, but stay grounded and not forget what got me all those opportunities.”

Calvillo’s next fight is Carla Esparza at UFC 219. A win could catapult Calvillo into title contention and she’s feeling confident that she can take the former champion out.

“If I keep doing that I’m going to be unstoppable and I truly believe that,” Calvillo said.

“She’s a get wrestler and she was a great champ, but no offence to her, I’m on a whole Other f***ing level when it comes to training and my mentality.”

“I’ve been through too much s*** to let anybody take it away from me. I made a commitment to myself a whole time ago that I was going to become a world champion whatever the f*** happened so I’m going to give it my all.

“I don’t expect to lose by whatever means, but whatever it is I’m ready to fight tooth and nail for whatever and everything. It’s going to be a great fight. I know her striking has got better and that she’s a great wrestler.

“I know she’s hungry, but we’re are a different breed and I’m a different f***ing animal and I’m not letting anyone take anything f***ing away from me.”