At short trip to the hospital kept Cynthia Calvillo from talking to the press after her win at UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow, Scotland, but caught up with her later on in the evening.

Speaking to Jim Edwards at the Crowne Plaza Hotel after her unanimous decision over Joanna Calderwood, Calvillo explained why she missed the post-fight press conference.

“I just went to get a quick x-ray on my forearm because of an injury I’ve got before so they just wanted to make sure it wasn’t injured again,” Calvillo said. “It’s all good it’s just a little bit bruised so it’s not going to be any bother to me.”

Calvillo walked into a hostile atmosphere in Glasgow with the crowd firmly behind their hometown girl Calderwood. The Team Alpha Male student admitted the crowd was hostile towards her, but that she had prepared herself for that type of environment.

“It was electric, but I kind of expected it and I knew it was going to happen,” Calvillo said. “I was hoping to get a little more respect after the fight and I was little disappointed people were still swearing and throwing stuff at me afterwards, but hey, it’s ok I expected it I guess.”

Calderwood and Calvillo exchanged words after the fight and the Scot still had plenty to say once the decision had been read. Calvillo explained what Calderwood said to her in the aftermath.

“She was upset because I wasn’t standing there and playing her striking game,” Calvillo said. “I said before the bout that there’s the possibility that if the fight goes to a decision I wouldn’t get it because I’m fighting in Scotland. So I said, ‘I better not get robbed,’ and she came up to me to me and said, ‘what did you say?’, so I said it again, ‘I better not get robbed,’ you know. She was like, ‘What are you talking about, you ran the whole time,’ but I said, ‘Hey my face isn’t bleeding.’ Anyway, it is what it is. I’m here to fight my fight and not her fight.”

Despite taking the unanimous decision on all three scorecards, Calvillo wasn’t 100-percent happy with her performance on the night.

“I’m not too happy with my performance, but of course, I’m happy I got the win,” Calvillo said. “I always want to get the finish because obviously no one can say anything. That’s always my ultimate goal, but hey, I was hoping to be a little more offensive, but it is what it is.”

With three wins out of three in her UFC career, Calvillo now has the world at her feet. The 115-pounds division is lacking true contenders and she believes that if she continues on the same trajectory, big things are just around the corner. She also had a few words for Michelle Watterson who didn’t seem overly impressed with her win analysing the fight in the Fox Sports studio.

“I’m going to have officially cracked the top-ten now so I’m hoping to get one more fight in before the end of the year,” Calvillo said. “I want the title shot early next year. I’m only going to get better and I’m training hard and everybody sees that I’m getting better every fight.

“I didn’t really have any names of people I want to fight next, but I haven’t heard completely what she’s been saying, but I hear Karate Hottie wasn’t saying positive things about me. Look, she can get it too if that’s what she wants. I’m certainly open to that idea. I’m willing to fight Karate Hottie next.”