You can’t keep Colby Covington out the news and that’s probably just the way he wants it.

Having defeated Demian Maia this past weekend at UFC Sao Paulo, Covington has repeatedly said that for his next fight he will accept nothing but a title shot at UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

Speaking to after his fight at UFC Sao Paulo, Covington revealed that he’s only just begun his pursuit of Woodley and that he’s got some dirt on the champion that he’s ready to share with the world.

“You’re going to have to stay tuned man because I’m not going to stop talking about Tyron Woodley,” Covington said. “I got some good things in my back pocket. You know we’ve trained together and I got some good stuff. He’s text messaged me before after fights and stuff.

“I’m going to start leaking some stuff That he did.”

“There’s real bad blood between me and Tyron Woodley. It’s different from anyone else in this division. Anyone else in this division there isn’t going to be bad blood like there is between me and Tyron Woodley. You’re going to see some stuff coming out between me and Tyron Woodley soon.”

If Covington is going to get a shot at Woodley, he’s going to have to do some serious work getting ahead of the likes of Rafael dos Anjos and Robbie Lawler. Despite Dana White saying just last week that it’s the number one contender fight, Covington isn’t convinced that either is worthy of a shot at the champion.

“They’re just haters,” Covington said, referring to the rest of the UFC’s top-10 welterweights. “They haven’t earned it like me and they haven’t beaten a top-5 guy like I just beat in impressive fashion.

“Robbie Lawler look at him man, he wasn’t competitive when he fought Tyron Woodley. He got knocked out in under a minute.”

“Then he takes two years off and barely beats ‘Cowboy’ I mean come on. He hasn’t looked impressive. He’s really old and RDA, he beat two guys on losing streaks. Tarec Saffiedine was on a three fight losing streak and Neil Magny was on a three fight losing streak. Both of those guys they don’t warrant title shots. I’m the future of this division and I do believe I deserve a title shot.”