We’re are just 24-hours away from Combate Clásico in Miami and the excitement is building ahead of Combate Americas’ biggest ever fight card.

One of the most hotly anticipated bouts is the featherweight showdown between Stockton’s own Chris Avila, and a man who’s been with Combate Americas since it begun back in 2014, Ricky Palacios.

Fans are expecting a non-stop action stand up war and speaking exclusively to Andrés Lichtveld of MMAUNO.com earlier today, Palacios expressed his excitement for the fight tomorrow evening.

“I’m feeling good, I’m excited, I’m ready to go because this is where it all happened and now we’re back here in Miami, Florida doing it once again and making history one more time,” Palacios said.

Taking on a member of the “Skrap Pack” is no mean task. The thought of going toe-to-toe with one of Nate and Nick Diaz’s students isn’t something many would relish, but Palacios doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the task ahead.

“I doesn’t matter who I fight, it could be Nick or Nate themselves,” Palacios said. “I’m just excited to be fighting. It’s the same gameplan–go in there, get the knockout and finish the fight as quick as I can. It doesn’t matter who my opponent is.”

Palacios and Avila will be the final fight of the evening at 10:30 p.m. ET. Again, this just seemed to be another small detail for Palacios.

“It’s always great being in the main event, but like I said it doesn’t matter if I’m the main event or not,” Palacios said. “I could be the first or the last fight. It’s the same goal every fight. It’s the same mentality, the same training, you know, go in there and put into play what I’ve trained for.”