Montes vs. Quiroz
Montes vs. Quiroz tale of the tape.

We are just about to start the Combate Clásico weigh-ins, and Venezuelan Alberto Montes and Mexican Jonathan Quiroz are taking their bout to another level.

Both fighters said hard things at each other per a Combate Americas facebook post, perhaps Quiroz was the rudest (verbally) fighter after hearing all.

“He counts each time he fought against his husband in his country and put it as a win,” Said Quiroz about Montes 3-0 record in MMA.

Montes replied to his foe and made a case for himself.

“Im gonna tell you something, you need to find out where I came from, who am I and everything I’ve acomplished,” Said Montes. “I just don’t have 3 or 4, or 5 years training”

Later on, things got hot when Quiroz started saying things about the economic situation Venezuela is going through, stating a fighter can’t be well prepared for a fight if doesn’t feed properly.

“With all due respect to his fellow Venezuelans, how are you able to prepare yourself if your country is out of food, you can’t prepare if you can’t feed properly,” Quiroz pointed.

Montes got really pissed off and told his opponent how he felt about it.

“By telling me that he doesn’t believe a Venezuelan can’t successfully prepare just for the fact of not having food and messing with my Venezuelan people, I’m really offended,” Montes replied.

Weigh-ins are scheduled to take place at 4:00 p.m. E.T. and can be viewed on the MMA.UNO Facebook page HERE.

We really don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow at 6:00 PM inside the Mana Wynwood in Miami at Combate Clásico, but one thing is for sure: “There will be blood”.