Ahead of Combate Americas’ ‘Combate Clásico’ event this Thursday, CEO Campbell McLaren has announced that the Hispanic promotion will be implementing fight kits later this year.

Back in July 2015, the UFC became the first major MMA promotion to sign a deal with a third party brand to supply uniform for their fighters to wear during fight weeks. The UFC and Reebok deal has been much maligned since it’s implementation, but McLaren says Combate Americas will learn from the mistakes the UFC made.

Speaking exclusively to MMAUNO.com earlier this week, McLaren spoke about the new deal and how it would be very different to the UFC and Reebok partnership.

“It’s not yet announced, but we are going to uniforms,” McLaren said. “However, we learned from the UFC’s mistakes with Reebok. One, we aren’t going to have ugly uniforms because that’s what Reebok has. Two, we are going to allow the fighters to maintain their local sponsors on their uniforms.” 

McLaren added that further details about the new uniform will soon be released. He then went on to describe the type of contracts Combate Americas fighter sign and how the company tries to set them up for successful fight careers.

“We sign fighters to multi-fight deals and five to seven fights,” McLaren said. “Our pay scale is competitive, but it’s one lower than the UFC and we’re approaching the low end of the UFC. We do not pay Mexican fighters less than we pay US fighters. We have one pay-scale. We promise our fighters that we will keep them safe, make sure we pay them money which allows them to train professionally.”

Combate Clásico goes down later this week in Miami, Florida. The fight card will be headlined by an all Spanish affair as Tommy Aaron takes on Javier Fuentes.