Colby Covington is storming his way up the UFC welterweight division and he’s taking no prisoners.

On October 28, Covington will be in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 119 in Brazil when he takes on a man who fought for title just last month at UFC 214, Demian Maia.

Speaking to MMA Junkie Radio yesterday, Covington said he wasn’t going to take cheap shots at Maia, but said he was going to dish out such a beating that the Brazilian would never want to fight again.

“I’m going to keep it respectful with him because he’s not going to engage back with me,” Covington said. “I’m going to direct my focus on who I should be fighting–Tyron Woodley. I’m out to set out that I’m the best fighter in the world and that’s exactly what I’m going to do on October 28 when I retire Demian Maia in his own hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil.”

Covington added: “He’s going to be looking for a new job, maybe in a cell phone key unlock booth in a mall or something, but he’s going to know that he doesn’t want to fight anymore after he fights me.”

Covington didn’t just stop at Maia though. The ATT man has his eyes set on the welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and he doesn’t seem to care whatsoever about Woodley’s loose association to the gym and coach Din Thomas.

Tyron Woodley, the crown is to heavy for him honestly,” Covington said. “He can go back to his passion and standing in the back of these B-list movies, that’s his real passion. He’s the type of dude that is going out to these little movies and taking pictures [saying], ‘Oh let me take a picture with you Snoop’ just so he post it on social media.

“The guy is a joke, he’s a fake, he’s a fraud.”

“He doesn’t even get credited in his movies that’s how pathetic he is. They don’t even give him credit you know, not unless it’s some gas station kick boxer vengeance movie. He gets credit in that, but aside from that, the guy is a joke man.

Woodley recently trained at ATT for a brief period before his fight against Maia at UFC 214. Woodley noted in an interview weeks after that Covington kept well out of his way, but there was apparently a good reason for it.

“He’s telling everyone I wouldn’t even look at him when I was in the gym,” Covington said. “Yeah, I wouldn’t even look at you because I promised my manager and owner of ATT Dan Lambert that I would keep it professional and I wouldn’t say anything to you that they didn’t wanna. I didn’t want to cause no problems because he had a fight coming up and I kept it classy, always.”

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