Mike Winkeljohn was working the corner of Jon Jones at UFC 214, but one fighter he had an eye on earlier in the evening was Cris Cyborg.

The Brazilian defeated Tonya Evinger for the vacant UFC women’s featherweight title and with the lack of a true number one contender in the weight class to face her next, a super fight with the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm could be on the cards.

Speaking to Submission Radio ealier this week, Coach Wink admitted that there had been some talks, but there was still no concrete plans.

“Yeah, there’s talks back and forth. You know, right now it’s at the point where it’s, you know, Holly fought her last fight at 135, jumping up in weight when Cyborg’s cutting, those were the issues that we have to think about and decide time-wise what’s best. Holly, on a side note, will never turn down a fight. She’s like, ‘Yeah whatever you want’ and she basically leaves that up to myself and her manager Lenny Fresquez and she’ll just go out and fight.

“So she’s okay with fighting Cyborg, there is no doubt about it and she’s okay with, she really wants to get a shot at Shevchenko again and or Nunes if Nunes wins that fight, but that’s where Holly’s mind right now. She just wants the big fight and she’s very capable of it.”

Timing appears to be everything when it comes down to Holm accepting a fight with Cyborg. According to Coach Wink, the former 135-pounds champ would need sometime to put on the weight correctly.

“You know, Holly’s always been better when she’s had the short-notice fights, so it’s not a time thing. I think I would like to see Cris be clean for a long period of time and there’s no doubt she has been busted in the past. But with that being said, it’s just what’s right for Holly right now at this time in her career and the Cris Cyborg fight may or may not be the right fight. So it depends on money, where it’s at and if we have enough time to put on a little bit of weight to fight Cris Cyborg.”

if the fight did take place, make no mistake about it, Coach Wink thinks Holm would dominate Cyborg in most areas and he thinks she has some big advantages.

“I think Holly can pick her apart. There’s no doubt about that. What people don’t understand is how strong Holly is too in the clinch, on her feet and moving and stuff. Cris is definitely going to try to do most of her damage by pushing her back against the cage. You know, good luck keeping Holly there and backing her up, coming in that hard.

“But yeah, Cris is really strong, but I think Holly wears her down and is able to stop her. You look at Holly’s knockout percentage, I think her and Amanda Nunes are the biggest out there. She stops all of her fights, everybody else other than Cyborg. So Holly has the power to stop Cyborg just like Cyborg has the power, the difference is Holly’s got speed and her footwork.”