Chris Fishgold is the current Cage Warriors lightweight champion and this weekend he will look to defend his title for the third time when he faces Norwegian fighter, Alexander Jacobsen.

Fishgold hasn’t fought since November 2016 when he defeated American Nic Herron-Webb via a unanimous decision in London. This weekend, he returns to his own backyard in Liverpool and he’s excited to be back fighting in front of his friends and family.

“The atmosphere is always unreal in there,” Fishgold said, speaking to “Everyone is literally buzzing from the start to the end.

“We’ve got a full gym training for fights at the moment and everyone is dead excited.”

“Obviously Paddy [Pimblett] can’t train at the moment because of his concussion, but even he’s still coming down the gym and seeing us all. I don’t know what I’m looking forward to more, the fight or the night out after it.”

His biggest supporter

If Fishgold successfully defends his title for the third time this weekend, the Liverpudlian will be presented the Cage Warriors belt to take home permanently. Taking home the belt is something Fishgold has had on his mind and he knows exactly what he’s going to be doing with it.

“To be honest, I have thought about that quite a lot,” Fishgold said.

“I know exactly what I’m going to do with that belt when I get it to keep.”

“My mum, ever since I was a young lad, like 14, 15, she was always the one that paid for my training and stuff.

“Now I’m at this point where I can win this belt and give it to her as a present. It’s for all the times she helped me out and all the hard work she put into me getting to do this.”

Seeing who’s real

Fishgold’s absence from the cage has been partially down to injuries and partially down to personal issues. The last 12-months have dealt out some hard lessons for the Cage Warriors’ champion, but having now come out on the other side, he can now take the positives from the situation and surround himself with the people that stood by him.

“I saw a lot of stuff written about me by people who I thought were with me,” Fishgold said.

“”When you see that stuff it makes you realize that as you go through life, people aren’t always who you think they are.”

“Of course, you never want stuff like that to happen in your life, but when I take a step back from what happened it’s good to see who’s really with me and who isn’t. The people that stayed with me, I’ll always stay loyal to them and help those people.”

(Photo: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors)

Finishing the night with style

With those difficulties now in the past, Fishgold is focused on retaining his title and celebrating with his friends and family after. It looks set to be another big night for Cage Warriors in Liverpool and Fishgold is focused on ending with a performance to remember.

“There’s going to be a big party and that’s exactly what it is when you’re in there,” Fishgold said. “It’s always a good time when the music is going, the people are drinking and people are supporting their people. Everyone gets to watch their friends and family and even if you don’t know anyone, the fights are always great.

“Cage Warriors don’t put on mismatches. They never have and they never will. People have been asking me what time they should get there and I tell them all the same thing. Get there from the start because all the fights are going to be good.

“It’s just going to be a great night and I know I’m going to finish it with my hand raised.”