Chael Sonnen earned his first victory in nearly four years back in June when he defeated Wanderlei Silva via a unanimous decision at Bellator MMA’s debut in Madison Square Garden.

At 40 years of age you may have thought that the “American Gangster” would be winding down his career, but according to Sonnen he’s only getting started and he’s ready to take on all comers in his next fight.

There have been murmurings recently about a potential showdown with Chuck Liddell being in the works, but according to Sonnen, a fight is far from coming to fruition. Speaking on his ‘You’re Welcome’ podcast his past week (h/t MMA Fighting transcribe), Sonnen set the record straight.

“I just won a super-fight over the weekend against a three-time world champion meanwhile Chuck is walking around Beverly Hills with a haircut that looks like he lost a bet,” Sonnen said. What am I supposed to say? I can’t say yes any clearer. I don’t know how to speak any clearer than I am to you right now.

“I will fight Chuck right now.”

I will fight him next Saturday, the Saturday after that, the month after that, he can pick the day, he can pick the weight class, he can pick the rules, purse, anything. He’s said some stuff about ‘Chael just wants a big payday.’ My contract’s set. I’m getting a big payday either way.

“Chuck, the answer is yes. You’re the one that said no, you’re the one that said no a second time, you’re the one that’s pretending you want the fight. I’m fine with all of it but I don’t know what his endgame is. It’s not like he’s got sponsors so he’s trying to keep them out there. Who’s gonna sponsor him, some rehab clinic? It’s Chuck Liddell. This isn’t 1994 when the guy had a little bit of glory to his name.”

While saying that he doesn’t believe a fight with Liddell will ever happen, Sonnen did include his name amongst three possible next opponents. While he wasn’t sure about who his next opponent will be, Sonnen was sure about what promotional banner his next fight would take place under.

“At the same time that [Chuck] didn’t say yes, he’s still in the gym training so I still believe there’s gonna be this Chuck comeback, I just don’t know where it’s gonna be,” Sonnen said.

“If it’s gonna be against me, it has to be in Bellator.”

“The likely suspects for me: throw Fedor in there, throw Chuck in there, that’s the one I thought it was gonna be. I would like to fight Chuck, but the air has been taken out of my ball on that. I don’t believe that is going to happen. Then you’ve got Tito in there. Let’s just see what happens. It would be a lot shorter of a list if I told you who I didn’t want to fight.

Suffice to say, if it was any of those three it will be an exciting event.