It’s all eyes on the O2 Indigo in London, England this evening as Nathaniel Wood takes on Josh Reed in the main event of Cage Warriors 86.

On this page we will post a live stream of the prelims and then we will be doing play-by-play for all four fights which will be on BT Sport and Freesports this evening.

Cage Warriors 86 Live Results 

Nathaniel Wood def. Josh Reed via TKO (strikes), Round 1

Brilliant atmosphere but the fans are getting a little out of hand and a few small scuffles break out. Thankfully all is ok and the fight gets underway. Stiff leg kick from Wood to open up, and another. Reed on the back foot and Wood walking forward. Reed flurries forward and lands some big shots.

Wood is hurt and he’s down. Reed looking to finish and Wood is covering up against the cage. Wood lands a left out of nowhere and Reed is hurt. Wood now piling it on and he stops Reed. WOW what a fight. Fan fights breaking out…. I’m ducking for cover.

Jamie Richardson def. Hakon Foss via TKO (strikes), Round 2 – 2:58 

Richardson looking to apply pressure early but he gets taken down to the mat by Foss. The Norwegian is now trying to pass his guard and he ends up pushing him against the cage. Foss puts in ground and pound but Richardson does well to get it back to the feet. Foss then tries to throw Richardson to the mat but he lands on the bottom. Richardson now laying in ground and pound and but Foss back on the feet and suplexes him over his head. Foss takes his back with 35-seconds remaining but Richardson survives the round.

Richardson comes out firing in round two but Foss does well to evade most of his output. The Norwegian is picking him off with his jab and he pushes Richardson into the cage. The two grapple back and forth before moving to the centre of the cage. Richardson then lands a big right but Foss defends by taking him down. Richardson powers back to his feet and hurts Foss with a right. The Norwegian bites down on his gumshield and the two stand toe-to-toe.

Both men looking weary now with two minutes left in the round. Richardson powering forward and stops Foss with a flurry of punches. The last shot removed Foss’ gumshield and he staggered around the cage with his legs gone. Thankfully the referee stops the fight and Richardson wins. Foss receiving oxygen after the fight but looks ok.

Sam Creasey def. Paul Marin via KO (punch), Round 1 – 2:38

Marin starts aggressively and catches Creasey with a right that knocks him off balance. Creasey then gets caught with a left and is knocked down to the mat. He weathers it though and gets to his feet where he’s pushed against the cage. Creasey lands a big knee and hurts Marin badly. The Romanian tries to get away from Creasey but he follows up with strikes on the feet and then sends Marin to the mat with a huge right hand. Goddard stops the fight. Good stoppage and a great comeback.

Joe McColgan def. Sean Carter via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Carter applies the pressure early but McColgan sneaks in a nice right counter. Carter looking very anxious to close the distance and he succeeds pushing McColgan up against the cage for a brief time. McColgan is wearing damage to his left eye from a few right hands. A low blow pauses the bout but it restarts and McColgan lands a nice right.

McColgan then pushes Carter against the cage and lands another two straight rights. Carer returns fire with one of his own. Carter is also bleeding now from the nose. McGoglan then wobbles Carter with a right but Carter does well and fires back with his own right before the round ends.

Round two begins with McColgan landing the first big blow with a right cross counter. Carter is made of tough stuff though and he continues to walk McColgan down. McColgan goes for a takedown against the cage but Carter evades it. McColgan with a knee to the midsection and he looks to take Carter down again and succeeds this time. Carter quickly back to his feet though. McCoglan connects wit ha left but Carter responds with his own right hand. McCgolgan then lands another combination including a short elbow and a knee to the midsection. Carter pushes him against the cage and round two is done.

Carter walks out his corner aggressively but McColgan flurries and walks away. Brief pause for a low blow. McColgan again with a big right but Carter eats it yet again and pushes him against the cage. Carter has McColgan’s back on the cage but he did nothing with it. Both try to trade in the middle but the shots are much slower and laboured. McColgan’s corner calling for “two solid minutes”. Carter again pushing McColgan against the cage but McColgan has the underhooks and he’s going nowhere. Referee finally breaks them apart. McColgan fins another right cross–they’ve been there all not. More stalling against the cage from Carter and that’s a wrap. I have McColgan winning all three rounds.

Junior Karanta def. Adel Ghadd via TKO (punch), Round 1 -0:08

Karanta comes out the gate and throws a right hand to the body and then knocks him out with the next right hand over the top and flurries with ground and pound. It’s over in 8-seconds. Hmm.

Brian Bouland def. Darren O’Gorman via KO (strikes), Round 2 – 1:33

O’Gorman secures a muay thai clinch early and lands two knees. They breakaway but O’Gorman again lands another knee as Bouland clinches him up against the cage. Nice support for O’Gorman here as a chant breaks out. O’Gorman lands a nice right and then a head kick.

Bouland replies with kicks but eats a return shot to the midsection. Bouland looking to land his right but with little success. A low blow to O’Gorman stops the bout briefly. O’Gorman gets taken down by Bouland but he ate a knee on the entry and is bleeding from the forehead. Clock runs out before Bouland does anything with the takedown.

Round two begins and O’Gorman finds a home early with a few hooks. Bouland eats them well and returns fire with the odd stinging counter. Bouland then lands a devastating right cross knocking O’Gorman to mat. The Irishman tries to recover and makes it back to his feet, but Bouland lands more strikes sending him to the mat again and Marc Goddard correctly waves the fight off.

Marcus Paul def. Maciej Gierszewski via submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1 – 2:19

Gierszewski starts the fight at range but closes the distance quickly and hits a takedown in the centre of the cage. Paul then steps over Gierszewski’s guard and into full mount. Gierszewski turns onto his back trying to escape his predicament and after a brief stuggle Paul takes his back like a backpack and then sinks in a rear-naked choke. Gierszewski falls to the mat like a chopped down tree and taps.

Arvydas Juska def.  Alex Thorne via submission (guillotine), Round 1 – 2:13

Tentative start from both but after a minute they end up clinched against the cage. Thorne eats a knee on a takedown entry and he’s stuffed easily. Juska then lands two more knees in a muay thai clinch and Thorne hits the mat. Goddard pauses the fight  to warn Juska about something, but when they restart Thorne tries another takedown and eats heavy punches. Juska then locks on a guillotine choke to get the tap. Juska made it look easy.

Mehdi Saadi def. Eric Nolan via submission (armbar), Round 1 – 2:05 

Saadi starts well and clips Nolan with a left hand before hitting a takedown. After working his way into side control and threatening with ground and pound, Saadi hit an armbar out of nowhere and Nolan tapped straight away. Beautiful finish from Mehdi Saadi.