Bobby Lashley (15-2) hasn’t fought since October 2016, but he’s eyeing up a return to the Bellator cage before the end of the year he and knows exactly what he wants.

The American currently resides in Global Force Wrestling and as well as being under contract to Bellator MMA. Professional wrestling takes up the majority of his times these days, but speaking to Canadian reporter John Pollok on ‘The MMA Report’ this week, Lashley explained how the Bellator brass are starting to take him more seriously and how his next MMA fight has to be a big one.

“It has to make sense for me,” Lashley said. “I spent a lot of time in my career with the ability to do big things. I understand what the promoters want, they want to have good fights and they want to have ratings.

“Initially that’s what they signed me for at the beginning, but then they started watching and then they started hearing stuff because I’m training with some of the top guys and some of the top trainers—so they see what I could do.

(Photo: Bellator MMA)

“Then they just throw me in there with some of these guys and I’m destroying, I’m killing them, [James] Thompson killed him, all these guys, just killing them.”

Lashley says he’s proven himself to be a ratings draw and that he’s got the evidence to back up his claims. While a little frustrated that he’s not been given the toughest competition from Bellator so far, Lashley said that he’s more than happy fighting under the Bellator banner.

“All of my fights, even the one where they had Kimbo [Slice] and Shamrock and they were boasting that their ratings were so great, the peak time was my fight,” Lashley said. “So, I add value to Bellator and one thing I like about Bellator is that Scott Coker is a great person and he’s doing great things for the organization as it’s changing.

Mousasi is another one, there are so many great guys coming over that Bellator is actually taking care of the fighters.”

With his workload packed out, Lashley believes something has to change if he’s going to make waves in the MMA world. At 41-years-old, the American believes it’s time he got given the opportunity for a run at the vacant Bellator heavyweight title.

(Photo: Bellator MMA)

“Myself, and what I need, and what I want, is a title, I want a title shot,” Lashley said. “Whether it’s since I’ve taken a little time off. They called me up about possibly fighting in December which is great for me. But if I fight in December, it’s either got to be someone that’s going to get me to the title, or it’s going to be that title shot.

“Outside of that, I just don’t have time to be taking fights and taking fights. I’m twenty something plus, plus, plus years old so I’m going to have to start scaling back here in a little bit.”

One man Lashley definitely has no interest in fighting is Cheick Kongo. Lashley believes it wouldn’t be a fan friendly fight, but invited the Frenchman to fight him in the gym to settle any differences they have. The fight Lashley really appears to want is a showdown with a man who many believe to be one of the greatest of all time.

“I wanted Fedor before, I thought that I was going to get that Fedor fight,” Lashley said. “Everybody wants Fedor in the heavyweight division—you have to. He’s Fedor, ‘The Last Emperor’ and he’s got that mystique. But then after he lost that fight to Mitrione, I don’t know if that helped him or hurt him, I don’t think it helped him, but I don’t know how bad it hurt him.

“It’s still a big fight and we were speaking yesterday—is this still a fight that I want to do? Absolutely, absolutely. And Fedor, since he lost that one, he’s probably really upset and wanting revenge someone or something. So I’m your guy. If not him then I don’t know. Rampage? That’s interesting. I don’t know who else is out there.”

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