AJ McKee has the world at his feet and tonight he will aim to make it a perfect 10-0 when he faces Brian Moore in the main event of Bellator 187.

McKee was originally scheduled against Jeremy Petley, but after James Gallagher fell off the card, McKee was rebooked against Moore and bumped up to the main event. Speaking to MMAUNO.com earlier this week, McKee talked about his new opponent and why it wasn’t such a hassle for him having the last minute change.

“I know that he’s James’ teammate and that he’s the big brother of James,” McKee said. “They can’t send a boy to do a man’s job, so they took James out and asked Brian step in for him. I almost feel bad for him man. He’s got to deal with the wrath that is intended for Gallagher. That boy Gallagher needs to be man enough to step up to the plate to take his ass whooping.

“I’m not too worried about the way he [Brian] fights or anything like that. That’s the job of my coach and I’ll just execute anything that he wants me to. I’m ready to go man. I’m just ready to go to work.”

“Trust me, it’s going to a second round knockout.”

A potential fight with Gallagher is still one that could happen down the line, but McKee isn’t obsessed about it happening. As far as he’s concerned, he’s on his own path to the title and if Gallagher happens to cross it he’s more than happy to throw down.

“Seriously I’m over it now,” McKee said. “To be honest now it more feels like the older brother picking on the little brother, until the little brother grows enough balls to swing on the little brother, and then the bigger brother whoops his ass. After this I don’t give a damn about Gallagher.

“I just want that title.”

“I’ll face a top three contender after this and then I want the champion, whoever that is. I’ll then defend it a few times and then mover up to 155.”

The 3 Arena will likely provide a hostile atmosphere for McKee. The Irish are well known for supporting their own and Moore should have a boisterous following behind him come fight night.

“I don’t really care about the crowd or anything like that,” McKee said. “I’m just going to go out there and do what I got to do. They knives out here in Ireland, where I’m from they carry guns. Trust me, it can’t get that hostile.”

McKee trains out of Bodyshop MMA in California where he trains alongside the likes of Aaron Pico and Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr. Together they are looking to break records and on Friday night McKee will take one step closer to one very close to heart, fighting on the same fight card as his father.

“It’s going to be history making and you can’t stop that,” McKee said. “It’s something I’m all about you know. I’m about history and breaking records. After this Friday I’ll have the longest win streak in Bellator.

“After that, I’m all about making the father-son fight night happen.”

“Then I’m going to be the youngest champ ever at just 22. Trust me, there’s a lot of records to be broken and they are right in front of me.”