With no UFC on this weekend here at MMAUNO.com the staff have been pouring over the latest Conor McGregor ‘Tony’ tweet.

Here’s five things you may have missed … remember this is just a bit of fun!



1. It’s Originally A GTA Artwork

Is it from Vice City? San Andreas…. no it’s actually an original piece of artwork from GTA online.

Hat tip to @OscarWillis, @HeidiFang and @Grabaka_Hitman for identifying the original piece.

The picture is a modified version of this picture above.

Note that the gun has been cropped out which given recent events was clever move.

2. Who The Hell Is ‘BigGCreations’?

This may be originally have been a piece of original artwork from GTA producer ‘Rockstar Games’, but as we noted earlier it’s been modified by Instagram user ‘Big G Creations’.

According to his profile, ‘Big G’ or ‘Gris’ is ‘An Estonian Graphic Designer/Artist. For prints, T-Shirts, mugs etc.’ (He sell his prints at: www.society6.com/biggcreations/prints)

McGregor tweeted and regrammed his original post less than an hour after it was first posted?

Coincidence or just all a little too convenient? … put the tin foil hats away.

3. ‘Tony’

It’s funny how one word can put the cat amongst the pigeons, but then again McGregor needn’t say anything these days and people get up in arms.

Noteworthy is the fact that the one word ‘Tony’ is the only thing that McGregor added himself.

The most obvious ‘Tony’ that the Irishman could be addressing is the newly crowned interim UFC lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson.

“El Cucuy” has spoken out many a time since winning the belt about McGregor failing to ever mention his name.

Dana White said at the UFC 217 pre-fight press conference yesterday that he wants to make the unification bout happen and the tide seems to have turned in with a good deal of the UFC fanbase also calling for McGregor to defend his title against Ferguson rather than take a third bout with Nate Diaz.

John Kavanagh’s reaction thrown in to the mix, it’s not wide of the mark to say that it’s likely this was probably McGregor’s own special way of addressing the new interim lightweight champion.

4. Two Belts?

In the picture we see two UFC titles, one behind the Irishman next to the bag of money and one below his right arm?

Is this signifying him taking the interim title belt off Ferguson? Maybe.

However, we’re talking about a man who on more than one occasion has said that he still believes he’s the UFC featherweight champion.

The current UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway doesn’t seem to be bothered by him doing though this, though he has said on more than one occasion that he would happily take a rematch with the Irishman should he want to prove it.

Let’s also not forget McGregor walked to the ring against Floyd Mayweather with two UFC titles.

Therefore, if he’s going to rob Ferguson of his interim title as well, wouldn’t that be three belts? ….. and what about the interim featherweight title he won against Chad Mendes? … ok this is just getting confusing now.

5. The Bag Of Money

McGregor just earned upwards of $300 million fighting Floyd Mayweather so it’s no surprise to see a bag full of money in the mix.

If this really is a picture of McGregor foreshadowing another ‘cash grab’ against ‘Tony’, then this could be his way of letting the UFC know that this is going to come at price.

It’s highly doubtful the UFC are oblivious to this, but given that McGregor still has four fights left on his current UFC deal (that he signed before fighting Aldo at UFC 194!), it’s pretty obvious they will have to renegotiate to get him back in the Octagon.

Wherever McGregor goes, money and fans follow and this could be a timely reminder to the UFC that if they’re calling for a man to do the job, it comes at a price.

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