Arjan Bhullar will be making his UFC debut this weekend and he’s going to have a special friend walking him out to the Octagon, none other than the WWE Champion himself, Jinder Mahal.

Bhullar will make history on Saturday when he faces Luis Henrique on the preliminary card and becomes the first fighter of Indo-Canadian descent to fight under the UFC banner.

MMA Journalist Chamatkar Sandhu reported a few days ago that Mahal would be walking Bhullar to the Octagon at UFC 215.

Speaking about the hook-up today on The TSN MMA Show (Listen HERE), Bhullar explained how it all came about and how he knew Mahal.

“We’ve known each other about 10 or 12 years,” Bhullar said. “So I was wrestling in university at Simon Fraser here in BC and he was on the regional scene trying to break into pro for wrestling–that’s when we first hooked up.

“It’s cool man. We’ve kinda kept in touch ever since and now I’m up in the UFC and he’s a champ up there [WWE]. It was just a natural fit with the crossover appeal and everything that’s happening in the sport right now. I thought why not. He’s a native Albertan, born and raised in Calgary.”

Bhullar recently posted a picture on Instagram showing himself and Mahal training together. Co-host Aaron Bronsteter jokingly asked who got the better of the other in the session.

“Looks can be deceiving my friend,” Bhullar joked. “It was all good man. He was at the house and he had a show here so it was good to get a workout with him and see what he does and he [also] picked my brain. It was a cool thing.”

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