Roger Gracie and Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida closed a chapter in their lives last Sunday when they clashed for the second time at the Gracie Pro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Buchecha and Gracie first met at the very first Metamoris in October 2012, but it was a match of 20 minutes without scoring system, under submissions only rules. The match ended in a draw after time ran out.

Gracie and “Buchecha” are the only men who have won the IBJJF World Championship a record ten times (as black belts), and as expected, from it was tight, tense affair when they stood opposite each other on the mat.

During the beginning of the match, Gracie was concerned to defend the Buchecha’s takedowns attempts, nevertheless, after both fighters received penalties Gracie changed his strategy and began working more offensively taking Buchecha into half guard (pulling guard). He then made a beautiful sweep to reach Buchecha’s back and then applied a perfect lapel choke.

The crowd went wild as Gracie go the tap and immediately his teammates and friends entered the mat to congratulate the legendary competitor.

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It got LOUD when Roger won! @graciepro

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Just after the victory, Gracie announced his retirement from the sport. He leaves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu without a single defeat by submission on his resume, and now awaits his return to MMA later this year under the ONE Championship banner.

Without a doubt, the biggest fight in the history of BJJ / GRAPPLING. Roger Gracie, the best competitor of all time who pulled off a great win over Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, the only name that can be mentioned in the same paragraph.